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Hummelstads have been manufacturing sheep & cattle earmarking pliers for over 100 years. Over 4 generations we have created thousands of quality handmade products. In the early days they were stamped with the company names of the different distributors. Names such as J.N.O. Baker, J.P. Cussack, Anthony Horden and Lasseters just to name a few. 

Our Pliers are made in much the same way as the were back then with a large emphasis on hands on handmade attention to detail. Each design has its own nuance to get the plier cutting the ear  as easily and cleanly as possible. Each product takes between 1-2 days to make depending on the complexity of the design. 

They are fitted so they cut thin paper then hardened in the forge for durability. When you purchase a hummelstads earmarker, you have it for life. We often get pliers in for sharpening that were made by our great grandfather, Eyvind Ragnvald Hummelstad (1859-1918) over 100 yeas ago and we knock them back in shape and out they go for another 100 years.

We have recently opened another branch in Queensland and all our hot brands, freeze brands, horn brands, paint brands and sets of numbers are manufactured there. Our business was originally located in Cunningham Street, Hay market in the middle of Sydney, then in the 1960's moved to the Western Suburbs of Sydney and finally we relocated to Grafton on the NSW North Coast in 1995.


There are cheaper products on the market, but nowhere near the quality of ours. So please give us a call or send us an email. We would love to hear from you. All designs and sizes can be catered for because they are all handmade.

Thank You & Kind Regards


Tom Hummelstad,




Harry Hummelstad



Tom, Bill & Paul Hummelstad



Henry Magnus Hummelstad


Eyvind Ragnvald Hummelstad


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